We are still dispatching orders. We are unable to accept phone calls at this time. Please be safe during this difficult time for everyone.

Fire at our premises!! Stock and equipment burned!

To all of our customers who have been waiting for us to reopen. We appreciate your loyalty.

We were suppose to open 2 week ago but we had a significant fire at our premises that has burnt all our equipment and stock!

The cause of the fire was a faulty laptop battery that exploded and enabled the inferno to spread throughout the office. 

Here is what the fire left for us to salvage! Not much as you can see!

Thankfully no-one was hurt or injured but most of our equipment and stock has literally gone up in smoke. 

We are trying to sort everything out as fast as we can. 

Please bear with us, we are trying to get back as quick as we can.   

We aiming to be back by 27th May. 

Thank you for you patience. We will be back. 

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